Typical Board: Rasta owns and is known for his incredible ability to ride many different boards. On any day of the week you could find him skipping along on his guts on a blow up surf mat, spinning 360s (nude!) on an aleia, gouging huge cutbacks on a conventional quad or thruster, heading up the coast somewhere on a 17ft paddle board or not riding anything at all (bodysurfing).

History & Achievements: Before turning his back on competition to become one of the world's first, recognised professional "freesurfers", Rasta enjoyed a string of good results punctuated... Read More


  • Rasta - I surf because

    Dave Rastovich has had the privilege of travelling the world as a professional freesurfer. In Rasta's travels he has been exposed to the worlds most breath taking wonders as well as the contrasting destructions that man has carried out. Driven by his personal beliefs and convictions Rasta is far more than just a surfer and devotes large portion of his time to combatting the ever growing issue of ocean pollution and the affects it has on it's inhabitants. Like the great Steve Erwin and as fruity as it sounds Rasta is somewhat of a wildlife warrior and will continue to fight for the protection of all marine life.



Byron Bay, NSW, Australia.
Perfect day
Riding an unsurfed wave with friends far from cities filled with vacuous technological lours.
Favorite food
Anything without a face or a mother feels the best to me-
Never leave home without
leaving something behind.
When I was little I wanted to be
Surfing all day everyday
If I were an animal, I would be
Pelifin, it is a perfect mix of half dolphin and half pelican. they exist in isolated regions of the world where old Greg the man who lives at the bottom of black lake where he keeps the ball of funk to himself for safe keeping.
Guilty pleasure
Sorbet gelato after surfing
My secret talent is
Puns, and wordsmithery
My motto is
Be sincere not serious