• 4th Annual Reef Sweetwater Pro Am Surf Fest

4th Annual Reef Sweetwater Pro Am Surf Fest

The 4th Annual Reef Sweetwater Pro Am Surf Fest is in the history books now as one of the best surfing events on the East Coast. Thanks to Hurricane Bertha stalling off the East Coast, this year's event was blessed with some of the best surf ever for a pro-am event in North Carolina. For 3 solid days, waves ranged from waist-chest high with some solid bigger sets in the head high plus range. With over 300 contestants combined in the event, there was no shortage of excitement and and great surfing. Spectators were in the thousands with roars of applause during all divisions of the event.

The pro division was packed again this year with 96 surfers from around the world competing for the $20,000 prize purse. There were a few upsets and the long period swell made it a must to surf smart and pick the better waves that lined up for the higher scores. Last year's Champion Asher Nolan was stopped short in the quarterfinals this year. In the end there were four surfers left fighting for the $5000 first place check. Jeremy Johnston from Florida was crowned the 2008 Reef Sweetwater Pro-Am Surf Fest Champion with lightning quick turns and some big airs in the final. Behind him respectively were Nick Rosza (CA) in second, Aaron Cormican (FL) in third, and Lucas Rogers (VA) in fourth.


Click the link above to watch a few of Lucas Rogers heats. Billabong’s Lucas was on fire all weekend, but came up short in the finals finishing 4th over all. He put out guys like Tim Curran, Kalani Robb etc.

Philip Goold took 9th overall in the pro. He was ripping too!

Cam Richards took 3rd in the guys 14 and under AM division

Cole Richards took 3rd in the guys 15 and over Am division

Yeah it wasn't J bay, but there was def some fun waves coming thru.


1. Jeremy Johnston
2. Nick Rosa
3. Aaron Cormican
4. Lucas Rogers

Guys 14-Under
1. Michael Ciaramella
2. Weston Williams
3. Cam Richards
4. Dylan Kowalski
Guys 15-over
1. Owen Moffet
2. Jonathon Mincher
3. Cole Richards
4. Jimmy Blumenfield