• Hel of a Time: A Winter with Helen Schettini. Episode 3

In Helen Schettini's 3rd video installment of her web series Hel of a Time, Helen heads back home to Whistler and gives us a glimpse into her home sledding territory.

Below, Helen gives us a list of some top 5's of sledding;

Favourite things about sledding

  1. Being one with mother nature
  2. Most people will never be in the places we can access on sleds, so it's something very special
  3. Very humbling with how hard it is and how long it takes to be good
  4. You look cool with a sled in the back of your truck
  5. Great exercise

Sledding nightmares

  1. Busting 2 sleds in one day and having them get heli'd out
  2. Running into trees
  3. Super deep snow and getting stuck all over the place
  4. Having a shorty sled that doesn't work well and always being scared of whether it'll start or not
  5. Getting run over by your own sled

Favourite sledding spots

  1. Whistler backcountry.. I'll never tell my secrets :)

Favourite sledding buddies

  1. Romain De Marchi
  2. JP Solberg
  3. Russell Dalby (photographer)
  4. Annie Boulanger
  5. Paul Watt (filmer)

Words of wisdom to anyone starting to sled

  1. Go with people you trust
  2. Know your limits
  3. Get really strong before you start because there is a lot of lifting and shovelling when you get stuck (which you will... A LOT)
  4. Having warranty on your sled is well worth the initial extra cost
  5. Bring the right gear for any situation