• Artist Spotlight With Day Wave

Artist Spotlight With Day Wave

View the Billabong Fall ’15 Video Lookbook, featuring Day Wave’s We Try But Don't Fit In.

Every now and then we like to feature rad artists that we collaborate with on video projects. Our artist spotlight this week is with Day Wave. His song, 'We Try But Don't Fit In' is featured in our Fall 2015 video just released.View it here!

We wanted to get to know Jackson better so we asked him a few fun questions:

-Do you surf? If not, are you to learning how?

I've only surfed once, in Costa Rica, when I was 15. I had such a rad time, I'd love to give it another try.

-Any plans for summer?

My summer will pretty much just consist of writing/recording new songs, and playing shows. Hopefully I'll get some hiking in too. I've been meaning to drive up to the Sierras.

-Are there any artists you'd like to collaborate with in the future?

It would be pretty amazing to write a song with Brian Wilson. He's definitely a hero of mine.

-Is there any place you're hoping to travel to anytime soon?

I'm really hoping to go to Europe with the band. That's something I've been wanting to do for a long time. On another note, I've never been to Hawaii. I should probably check it out.

Learn more about Day Wave here:





And visit one of their shows from their upcoming tour!

August 19th - NY - Mercury Lounge (Headline)

Sept 15th - Seattle - Neptune (Blonde Redhead)

Sept 17th - Vancouver - Imperial (Blonde Redhead)

Sept 19th - Portland - Wonder Ballroom (Blonde Redhead)

Sept 21st - SF - The Independent (Blonde Redhead)

Sept 26th - LA - Eagle Rock Center for Arts (Blonde Redhead)