• Billabong x John Frieda: Featuring Alessa Quizon 'Windy Hun Look'

Here’s how to get the Hun

  • Cleanse hair using the John Frieda® Beach Blonde® Cool Dip® Shampoo and Smooth Seas® Detangling Conditioner.
  • Spritz the John Frieda® Beach Blonde® Sea Waves® Sea Salt Spray throughout hair from roots to ends.
  • Ideally, let your hair air dry when time allows, but you can always speed up the drying process by using a diffuser on low. Diffusers are great because they allow you to dry the hair in its natural state as if it was air dried. Just a lot quicker!
  • Once dry, take a section of hair from the top of ears to the top of your crown creating the half up, half down look.
  • Take the top section of hair, gently twist it into a knot and secure with elastic band on top of your head.
  • You can add a couple extra sprays of the Sea Salt Spray to your finished/ dry look onto your ends for added texture.

We caught up with Alessa after to trip for a quick Q&A and got the scoop on who's the 'funniest' and what's next coming up next...

Any favorite moment with the team? Favorite moment with the girls for me is when we are gathered by the table eating and catching up on each other's life. Each one of us are always busy traveling and doing things around the world and most times we don't get to see each other often.