• #BillabongCore - Channel Islands Santa Barbara

#BillabongCore - Channel Islands Santa Barbara

Every surfer alive has ridden, touched or thought of riding a Channel Islands Surfboard. With one of the best teams in the business, their boards are treasured like pieces of gold. Their shop is in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara and it fits in on the Central Coast like a glove and is a must visit the next time you're in town but we've got to warn you, you'll most likely talk yourself into walking away with a freshie.

Who or what inspired you to start your retail business?

Al Merrick started building surfboards and Terry Merrick made the clothes.

How long have you been in business?


Sum up your staff in a few sentences.

Well-respected local surfers who all share an extreme passion for the sport as well as the brand.

What’s your favorite part about being in this industry?

The people, life style, and gratification.

What’s the biggest challenge you face on a regular basis?

Meeting all customers needs and demands.

Tell us about local events you host.

Movie premieres, local art nights, and small concerts.

What makes your store/shop unique to others?

Heritage, and more surfboards than any other shop in the world.

Lastly, tell us the funniest incident that’s ever taken place in your store.

A drunk girl fell out of fitting room with pants around her ankles.

Thanks to the crew at Channel Islands for their time! For the latest news from Channel Islands, give them a follow on Instagram at @cisurfboards