• Bloodlines Hawaii // Part 3 of 4: Grommets!

The Bloodlines groms hit the ground running once on Oahu, however poor conditions and a meager swell forecast stopped them in their tracks. Being some of the camper's maiden voyage to Hawaii, a diminutive north swell enabled the boys to get comfortable in their fresh surroundings and have ample warm up sessions prior to the appearance of a sizeable north swell approaching.

Bloodlines Hawaii Camp 3 Highlights from Billabong USA on Vimeo.

On the third day, the kids were surprised with the arrival of camp mentor Shane Dorian. The first course of Shane-O's North Shore curriculum: Sunset Beach. Managing the large, lumpy and shifty line up of Sunset Point was their first test, in which each surfer intently watched Professor Dorian stroke into a few solid eight footers from deep in the pack. Acquiring more and more comfort as the session progressed, each of the kids was able to nab a few solid rides from under the crowd; a very successful class for first day of school! Drained from an adrenaline driven day, the camp was abruptly stirred at 2am with the warning of a potential Tsunami.

The crew moved out to Wahiawa for the remainder of the night, eagerly waiting to hear the fate of the island. However, once the surges had struck the North Shore the following morning, it was back to school. Upon returning to the country, the crew was welcomed by a clean, 3-4 foot NNW swell reeling across Backdoor and OTW for the duration of the camp. With the tsunami-induced stress behind them, ready for recess, each of the kids happily waxed their step-up and charged the lineup. The campers had a heyday to say the least as the late season's empty lineups provided an epic playground and a fantastic ending to the trip… SHOOOOOTS!