• Bloodlines Update #2

At the end of the first camp BLOODLINES attendees were given an opportunity to test their newly honed skills when a solid NW swell lit up the North Shore's premiere surf spots. On the final day the ISA crew scored clean 6-8 foot Pipe, Backdoor and Off the Wall just as the next camp, consisting of their older, pro junior peers, stepped off the plane. Each ISA camper was able to pick off a few solid shacks during session, all while competing against one another for wave of the day bragging rights. Every camper had a great Hawaii experience and got on the plane home with a broken quiver and a smile on their face. Be sure to stay tuned for more BLOODLINES updates from the Pro Junior crew, coming soon… Cheee Hoooo!

Bloodlines Hawaii Camp 2 Highlights from Billabong USA on Vimeo.