• Boost Mobile Pro: Day One In A Nutshell

Boost Mobile Pro: Day One In A Nutshell

In an event historically dominated by Aussies, the boys from Down Under appear to be at it again. Joel Parkinson in particular is looking especially adept in the Lowers conditions that thus far have been nearly perfect. With glassy, four- to six-foot A-frames on offer, the multitude of ramps and walls especially suits his flowing combinations and ridiculous bag of tricks. But not only that, running out for his heat this morning there was a sense of urgency in Parko’s eyes. Sure, Kelly may be running away with the top spot in the world, but the fight for second is in full swing and Parko’ll be damned if anybody’s going to take that from him. Parkinson selected his waves carefully riding only four, Parkinson selected his waves carefully riding only four, including a 9.27 and an 8.20 (both out of ten). Needless to say, it was good to see the old dog surfing with some fire. All the while fellow Billabong bloke Taj Burrow’s not exactly eager to be one-upped. He stumbled against wildcard Sunny Garcia (who, incidentally was surfing like the Sunny Garcia of 1988), but true to form Taj snapped back in Round Two and absolutely lit up his heat, scoring a near perfect 9.83 on his best wave, and an 18.50 for the second highest heat-score of the event thus far. Unfortunately their Hawaiian counterpart Andy Irons had a bit of a shocker, plagued by an inconsistent heat and uncharacteristically out of rhythm. No worries though he’s back in Round Two and will hopefully get back up in the mix.

Photo caption:
ASP World No. 2 Joel Parkinson (pictured) opened his Boost Mobile Pro account just the way he would have hoped, revelling in the excellent waves at Lower Trestles, to win his Round 1 heat over Yadin Nicol and Timmy Reyes.
Photo Credit: ASP Kirstin © Covered Images