• Chasing Aloha...

Chasing Aloha...

There are few places filled with so much mystery and magic quite like the Big Island of Hawaii. When it came to shooting our Fall 2016 campaign, we dove deep into plotting out our endless days of misty mornings, sun-bleached afternoons and easing into that Fall kinda feeling.

In a place where summer seems to happen year-round’ we managed to live life harmoniously somewhere in between the sun of Summer and the colder vibes of days to come.

Here’s our list of must-stops on the Big Island, so start planning your next getaway…

Kahua Ranch:

Located 3000 feet above sea level and over a sprawling 8,500 acres, this private ranch is a stunning 4th generation working ranch filled with rich landscapes and plenty of horses.

Merrimans Hawaii Restaurant:

Maybe one of our favorite restaurants on the island with a rich 20 year history, ‘farm to table’ freshness and a great place to stop while shooting up at the farm.

Waipio Valley Overlook:

A sacred and special place to the Hawaiian people, this lookout is largest of the seven windward valleys of Kohala Mountain, Waipi’o is the Valley of the Kinds. Meaning, curved water in the Hawaiian language, Waipi’o is nothing short of spectacular in beauty and size.


A little town near the Waipio Lookout and Orchard where we grabbed a bite to eat at a cute mom and pop restaurant called, Simply Natural and some of the best dark chocolate ice cream ever.

Pololu Valley

If you’re looking for a hike, we’d recommend this 2.5 mile round trip hike down to the beach.

Kekaha Kai Beach and Makalawena Beach

Kekaha Kai Beach is the first picturesque beach before a quick 20 minute walk over some lava rocks and sand dunes before arriving at Makalawena Beach.