• Sherbert Sunsets, Pow & Pisco Sours in Chile

Sherbert Sunsets, Pow & Pisco Sours in Chile

Travel diary by Billabong Womens Art Director & Snow Lover, Danielle Petach 

Upon arrival of our grueling flight from the North, we watched a sherbert sun set over Santiago, piled in and headed east towards the Chilean Andes. 

We should have known the road to Farellones would have been death defying, when our rental pick-up came equipped with an aftermarket roll cage and reflectors running the full length of the truck. 60 hairpin (180 degree) turns up the road from Santiago to our destination Valle Nevado resort. Slippery and sideways on the highways when the snow fell. 

From the side country at Valle Nevado to the parks at El Colorado to our heli time above the longest exposed mountain range in the world, we had a once in a lifetime southern-hemi shred trip to check off the bucket list.

Photos by: Ashley Barker & Jeff Curley

Travel Diary captioned by Helen Schettini