• Creed and Taj Blow Up Indo

Creed and Taj Blow Up Indo

Creed McTaggart and Taj Burrow are two of the hardest traveling surfers in the industry. Between filming his own movie, working with Kai Neville on a What Youth project, working with Joe G on a Globe movie (this project) and working with us, Creed rarely spends more than 7 days in the same bed. Similarly, Taj finds himself consistently on the road rotating from WCT stop to filming stop to WCT stop to filming stop. 

Simply put, these men just don't stop traveling for surf. Poor guys.

Here's a look at the fruits of one of their latest treks, a journey with Joe G and the Globe team deep into Indo with Surfing Magazine. There are a whole lot more photos that you can see in full screen mode if you click here.