White Dove: The Creed McTaggart Pro Spotlight

How Creed’s blossoming career took flight from a song

By Zander Morton

When it rains it pours. There’s that old, tired adage again. Talk about cliché. But for Creed McTaggart, 19, from Margaret River on Australia’s raw and rugged West Coast, nothing could be truer. Covers! Trips! Chicks! Bam! Rather than slowly gain steam, Creed’s career just suddenly…happened. In less than four months time, he’s gone from relative obscurity to full-blown surfing superstar—a point proven last month when he simultaneously landed the front page of both What Youth and Stab.

So what changed? According to Creed, nothing at all: “The last six to eight months I’ve just been doing the same shit I’ve been doing for years. It’s almost like I was just called up recently. I’ve been really lucky. It’s crazy; I haven’t had a second to think about it all.”

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