• Cuddle Up! What we're watching on Netflix

Cuddle Up! What we're watching on Netflix

It’s the season of cool. So, cuddle up in some of our favorite cozy sweaters of the season and flip the switch to watch all our favorite Netflix flicks streaming right now.

Here’s our rundown of what we’re loving right now...

  • Love Actually: because it’s one of the best holiday flicks ever
  • While you were sleeping: If you didn’t grow up watching this or Sleepless in Seattle. Did you even learn how to fall in love with the Holidays, or in love at all?!

  • The Holiday: Many of us may resonate with a ‘get out of town’ mentality during the Holidays, and who doesn’t want an attractive guy with an accent at our doorstep when we are sipping wine too.Moonrise Kingdom: Because it’s both beautiful and quirky and Wes Anderson never disappoints
  • Great Gatsby: For its beauty and the costumes… and who doesn’t like a little jazz!
  • Chicago- Because jazz. No, but really, Renee Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones absolutely slay in this musical and it’s absolutely fun to watch. So grab your girls, and slide into something cozy!The Family Stone: Just let yourself cry, it’s all good.

  • Bad Santa: because it’s so bad, it’s good and somehow sorta sweet at the same time.
  • Mean Girls: This is on our list, if only for the ‘Santa Baby’ talent show where Regina George lets Cady Heron stand next to her for an acapella rendition of Santa Baby, leaving you mildly cheering along… until the poor guy in the front seat takes a boom box to the face… Good times at Mean Girl High.
  • Friends- The One with the Holiday Armadillo; Gotta love Ross and his sweetheart…even if he tries to persuade the kids to get over Santa and get on the Armadillo train. With a little help of Superman… well we don’t want to spoil the ending.
  • Modern Family- Express Christmas: Modern Family always is capable of making us feel at home, with endless amazing family dynamics, dorky dads and crazy shenanigans, this fam taking on the Holidays is nothing short of entertaining.
  • Fireplace: We live in Orange County so while a real fireplace may be far from necessary, we still love a good crackle when we’re trying to bake all those cookies in time for the office pot luck.

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