• DIY: Color Crush Bordeaux Floral Wall Hang

DIY: Color Crush Bordeaux Floral Wall Hang

D I Y: Color Crush Bordeaux Floral Wall Hang

We are c r u s h i n g on b o r d e a u x

So we are bringing it into our living spaces and our wardrobe. It's room decorating season and whether your going into the dorms or just rearranging your same space, florals are a must. They bring in so much beauty and freshen up any space. Depending the color pallet you choose all florals can tell different stories and make you feel different moods. With wall hangs being all the rage we decided to use that same vision but incorporate the florals. Wall hangs allow you to cover a lot of wall space, while at the same time saying goodbye to clutter. This rich floral wall hang is the perfect room addition.

Follow our simple steps below to create your own. Feel free to mix it up and bring in your own floral favorites. This season we were inspired by our crush of Bordeaux that comes from our new collection. Scroll through and embrace the deep and moody story it tells.


1. Scissors

2. String

3. Tape

4. Wire

5. Thin piece of Driftwood

6. Three different florals in the same color palette: We used rose, ranunculus, anemone

7. One type of greenery