Cam Richards had set himself apart from the pack back in June with a win at the Quiksilver King of the Groms in Huntington. He backed the win up with a solid performance at the US Champs Lower Trestles, where he placed 3rd in the Boys Under 16 division.

So when it came time for NSSA Nationals, officials looking his way to put on a show. Cam did nothing but impress. Tail whips, frontside air 3s, and moving faster and harder than most of the field; Cam delivered. Making unbelievable connections in the shorebreak, he advanced beating out event standout, Ezekiel Lau four heats in a row.


Cam Richards-NSSA


The surf deteriorated the last 2 days of competition. The day of the final, waves breaking on the outside offering the type of performance platform the boys love where few and far between. Cam knew he had to make his choices count.  He didn't miss and hucked himself at every real option that came his way. He out-selected and out-surfed all his competitors from the start.


Cam Richards NSSA champ


Cam led the final with a pair of 6s. Escaping a last minute charge from Tayor Clark and Kalani David, Cam won the Open Men’s Title.

"This is an accomplishment I have always wanted and it’s the happiest I've ever been!" he said.  Cam is the 2nd East Coaster to win it in 30 years since the initial event.

Great job Mr. Richards! Congratulations on your prestigious Open Men’s National Title.


Cam Richards