• Endless Summer: The Holidays Camp Community

Endless Summer: The Holidays Camp Community


The endless summer is a matter of the heart that allows for one to be able to maintain the summer feels and bonfire vibes year round. But lets be honest, the environment around you plays a big role. The Holidays Campers bring nothing but the endless summer spirit. It is a group of retro styled campers and airstreams that are available at the San Clemente State Park Campgrounds. They foster the season of summer year round and allow for easy glamping and a throwback community style feel. They intentionally have them each all circled around with a community fire pit and many games to play. So whether you're going with your girl gang, or with your little fam, this place is a dream.

Megan, from the home office here in Irvine, was able to rent one of their C U T E little homes with her crew for the weekend and do everything that summer gifts us. From surfing to playing cards in the airstream, to playing cornhole in the open community space with their neighbors, the crew had a B L A S T. Each day was full of activity and sunshine and they were able to come back with so many sweet memories.

Don’t be sad that the summer season is coming to an end and instead head to places that warm your heart and bring you back to all the joys of summer.

Check out their Instagram @holidaysca or on their website at theholidaysca.com for more views and info but for the time being scroll through some photos of trip below!