• Exploring Costa Rica with Sincerely Jules

Exploring Costa Rica with Sincerely Jules

Exploring Costa Rica with Sincerely Jules

Sincerely Jules X Billabong Womens

Salty style muse, Sincerely Jules, joined Billabong Womens for some coastal cruising through the beautiful country of Costa Rica. With the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east, all of our Costa Rican plans revolve around the sun, salt, sea and sand. Costa Rica was a destination that had long been on both of our bucket lists, so we were ready to experience and explore all of Costa Rica's vibrant culture and coastline. The hillside villas at Hotel Casa Chameleon granted us the perfect balance of relaxation and exploration. We started each morning with delicious, local fresh fruit and poolside hangs to beat the Costa Rica heat. With handpicked, travel-ready styles from Billabong Womens newest collection to accompany her sandy days in paradise, Sincerely Jules was ready for sea-soaked days at Playa Mal Pais - a white sandy beach lined with lush green palm trees for miles. We surprised Jules with a life-long dream she had of horseback riding at sunset along the shoreline of Playa Mal Pais. She looked cute and casual in our 'Just Like You' Dress and 'Hot Mama' Denim. The enjoyment didn't stop there, Hotel Casa Chameleon showed us their country by helicoptering us all around the Costa Rican shoreline with jaw dropping views of the turquoise waters and lush rainforests. It was a tropical daydream getting such a unique bird's eye view on Playa Hermosa and other noteworthy surf spots from above. Talk about island views. Right when we thought we couldn't fall more in love with Costa Rica, we experienced the warmth from people (and sun) of Montezuma and Santa Teresa. The colorful signs and yummy, ice cold treats that we offered steps from the sand made Santa Teresa pretty unbeatable. Exploring Costa Rica with Sincerely Jules was the ultimate seaside adventure - we were digging our heels in the sand wishing we never had to leave.

Check out the Billabong styles that inspired Sincerely Jules tropical travels below...

A special thanks to Hotel Casa Chameleon for making Costa Rica unforgettable!

Photos from Ester Lee