• Frothing Jamaica by Cole McCaffray

Frothing Jamaica by Cole McCaffray

Our team riders get to travel all over the world experiencing the most unique cultures you can come into contact with. A lot of times they're doing this at a very young age too. San Diego up and comer Cole McCaffray ventured to Jamaica recently with his family and friends. While surfing was his main reason for traveling there, Cole took equal amounts of time out of his trip to immerse himself in the local community and make plenty of new friends along the way. Here's Cole's story of his trip(with some great writing we might add) chronicling all that went down.

Jamaica; perfect waves, warm water, no crowds, jerk chicken at every corner and psyching local groms, what could be any better than that? This was our second trip to Jamaica so we kind of knew how things worked, but it still seemed weird to drive on the left side of the road. Early mornings before the trade winds kick is the best time to score perfect waves, so each day around 5AM we would wake up and go surf at a super fun split peak wave near the airport. We would watch the sun rise while surfing perfect barreling peaks in 80-degree water. Our morning surf sessions would last about 5 hours, then we would head back to camp.

We stayed at a surf camp named Jamnesia just outside of Kingston, run by the famous three-generation surf family, the Wilmonts. Father of the clan, Billy Wilmont was pretty much was the first surfer in Jamaica and he and his sons helped to develop surfing there. All of his sons rip super hard, Ivah, Icah, Ishack and Inilek were out with us almost every session. They all have so much knowledge of the waves and places all around Jamaica and are legit surfers at any break in the world.

One of the things I like the most about being in Jamaica is surfing with the youngest Wilmonts and all of the local groms. Most of the kids there are surfing 10-year-old boards that have been repaired with boat resin and they are likely missing a fin or their fins are broken, but they are still so stoked. So we paddle them out and help them catch waves and leave our trunks, boards, fins, leashes and wax with them when we leave. I feel that doing this is just part of what it is to be a surfer and it helps to share the stoke.

In addition to cool people and fun waves Jamaica has some amazing waterfalls, clear warm water and beautiful beaches. A drive through Kingston and a trip to the Bob Marely Museum are really cool too.

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