• Get to Know a Grom: Eithan Osborne

Eithan (pronounced ay-tawn) Osborne is a 17 year old grom living in Ventura, CA and currently chasing the QS. He's sitting in the top 200 on the QS rankings and has a full run ahead of him in 2017 to gain experience for future qualification. We asked Eithan a few questions for the first edition of Get to Know a Grom, check out his responses below -

What’s one thing you can’t stand?

Fake people

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

An owl because they are majestic

What’s the best thing about being a grom?

Not having responsibilities

Tell us your worst grom beating.

I was taped to a parking sign and left there

What scares you the most?

Living forever

Would you rather go over the falls on a 30-foot wave or be leg kicked by Luke Rockhold?

Kicked by Luke Rockhold

What’s your best and worst quality?

I'm anti-social

What’s the most important thing in life?

Having fun

What’s the last song you listen to before paddling out for a surf?

Mrs. Butterworth by Nirvana

If you didn’t surf, what other sport would you play?

None, I'd just watch movies all day

Who’s your favorite pro surfer?

Dane Reynolds