• Get to Know a Grom: Kepa Mendia

Get to Know a Grom: Kepa Mendia

Kepa Mendia, son of Billabong team rider Pete Mendia, has been making a name for himself on the East Coast of the US by taking home hardware from NSSA and ESA events all over Florida. Kepa's not just a small wave specialist though since he charged Sunset on a good day during his first trip to the North Shore this past season. Take a minute to get to know an up and coming grom in our latest interview -

What’s one thing you can’t stand?

Grown up WAVE HOGS

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

Cheetahs, because they’re FAST

Name one female surfer you have a crush on?

Coco Ho

What’s the best thing about being a grom?

You get to do whatever

Tell us your worst grom beating?

When Meatball dead legged me

What scares you the most?


Would you rather go over the falls on a 30-foot wave or be leg kicked by Luke Rockhold?

Go over the falls

What’s your best and worst quality?

Best: Being nice and caring about how people feel


What’s the most important thing in life?

Having fun and being happy

What’s the last song you listen to before paddling out for a surf?

Hole - Violet

If you didn’t surf, what other sport would you play?

Just fishing

Who’s your favorite pro surfer?

John John Florence