• Girls of The North Shore

Girls of The North Shore

Girls of the North Shore

There’s something magical about the North Shore of Hawaii. The North Shore ignites a beauty you can see, smell, hear, taste and feel. Born and breed on the North Shore, the spirit of Aloha runs through their veins. For Malia, Sarah and Sophie, they had the pleasure of growing up on Oahu's North Shore and falling in love with it every day. It’s the friendly Hawaiian people, the majestic blue Pacific Ocean, the ono delicious food, the relaxed pace of life, and the exotic, tropical surroundings that fill them with the Spirit of Aloha. Even twenty years later, the island is their oyster and adventure is everywhere.

Malia and friends' adoration for the North Shore of Oahu made us dream up a story where their love and respect for the land was elevated. The Girls of the North Shore (Malia, Sarah and Sophie) have grown up in the water, being pushed into waves at a young age and evolving into incredibly talented longboarders and surfers. Saltwater runs through the veins. They took us to their local surf spots and we spent countless hours in the water long boarding and in the tropical sun - carefree as could be. Chambers is one of their favorite spots - for surfing, to post up and hangout, its been their number one cruise zone this past year. Another classic favorite North Shore break is Sunset Beach, it's a long boarder's paradise when the waves are around 1-3ft. There's a reason people from all over the world converge on Oahu's North Shore. The minute your toes hit the warm pacific, with the golden sand coating your feet, you're transported to a better place. A place where the stress and worry of daily life fades away with every wave that crashes on the shore. The North Shore, and the lifestyle that accompanies living here, is the magic to a better life.

Whether it's surfing, snorkeling, free diving, or running the beach, every day on the North Shore encompasses one of those element—if not all of them. It's no secret that the key to happiness has to be tied to island living. But be warned, the tropical weather has a mind of it's own here in Hawaii. Our local girl gang let us know that about 50% of the time the weather report is wrong, it says it will rain and it ends up being clear skies and sunny. These photoshoot days were challenging because they all revolved around how the weather was that morning. The Girls of the North Shore got very lucky with a morning of fun surf and clear weather.

The Girls of the North Shore are making waves in their local Hawaiian community and beyond. Malia is continuing to advance both her modeling career and longboarding talents; Sophie is finishing up high school and is actively pursuing modeling; Sarah just graduated from University of Hawaii West Oahu with her Business Degree so she’s taking some time off to travel the world - but no matter what their futures entail continuing to live, surf and explore the treasured land of the North Shore is always on the forefront of their mind.

Photos: Alana Spencer (@coconutcomradery) - a North Shore local gal herself