• Groms in Brazil - Day 3

Groms in Brazil - Day 3

Our groms are in Brazil for the ASP World Junior Championships and Team Manager Rainos Hayes is there with them, both to help them win and keep you up to date.

First day of the event, the ASP World Junior Championships is on!

Clean conditions with large sets and an even a larger playing field was the situation for the day. The entire first round of the men's ran in some increasingly difficult conditions. With a lineup 300 meters wide and a crapshoot of which peak to choose, it was anybody's game to take a first place and skip to round 3. Two huge maneuvers was the task at hand if you were looking for an 8, and at the World Juniors, 8 points is the standard.

First place getters in the high risk conditions were Takumi Nakamura, Seth Moniz, Cam Richards, and Nomme Mignot. All four of the boys put on great performances and everyone is still in the event. We move on to round two of the men's tomorrow with a possible start of the women's heats in the afternoon. 

The surf got even larger this evening but will hopefully settle a bit allowing for more of the performance factor to come into play. All the competitors want to put on a show at this most elite of world stages!

More to come for sure, follow along with #GoTeamBillabong!