• Groms in Brazil - Day 4

Groms in Brazil - Day 4

Our groms are in Brazil for the ASP World Junior Championships and Team Manager Rainos Hayes is there with them, both to help them win and keep you up to date.

After a great looking start to the day, conditions were constantly changing for the latter half. From a glassy morning with some wobbly set waves, the tide filled in and did its best to settle things down. What really happened was the consistency stopped and waves started closing out. It was very difficult to find a corner and even harder to produce a good score. Mitch Parkinson was up against South Africa's David Van Zyl in Round 2. Mitch flipped his heat at the very end after a shaky and wave starved start to the heat. Josh Moniz produced as close a win as possible, 1/100 of a point over Brazil's Victor Bernardo. They say, "close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades," good thing that's true.

The ladies got their crack at it this afternoon. In windy but partially organized peaks, Miss Frankie Harrer posted some very good scores with a few well placed turns done with a sense of urgency. One turn on her last score was the largest swooping wrap of the entire heat, sending spray flying and a warning to all that she has arrived at her first World Junior event!

Stephanie Single from Australia surfed with speed and hammered out 6.45 for a lone top turn maneuver. She also looked fired up and ready to start her campaign.

Tomorrows call will be made at 7:30 am. Based on today's call and the forecast, we are most likely to start with the Women's Round 2. More action is sure to come. There is nothing but talent in this most elite event. Everyone is here to showcase the very best, committed young athletes pushing for their shot at the ASP World Junior Title!