Today, the bikini turns 67!

To celebrate, we asked Daniella Ciano, our Global Swimwear Designer, to share her favourite 
Billabong Bikinis with us...

Where did your love of bikinis start?
My love of bikinis started at a very young age - spending endless summer days at the beach and loving the freedom of just wearing a bikini.

Favourite bikini moment from your time at Billabong?
It would have to be, having 2 bikinis that I designed featured in Sports Illustrated 2013 (this year) the Baja and Goddess Bikini.

How to you cope through the winter months without them?
I usually escape the Winter for a few weeks and head to a sunny tropical destination so that I get my bikini wearing fix... usually Bali or Hawaii. This year it will be Hawaii!

01_Summer 2004

SUMMER 2004:
Chi Chi Mix Ups | Beauty: Alana Brennan

02 Summer 2005

SUMMER 2005:
Marrakesh Bikini | Beauty: Ashley Cheadle

04 Summer 2008

SUMMER 2008:
Mentawais Bikini | Beauty: Elyse Taylor

05 Summer 2009

SUMMER 2009:
Mexico Bikini | Beauty: Tori Praver

06_Summer 2009

SUMMER 2009:
Swell Bikini | Beauty: Tori Praver

07 Summer 2010

SUMMER 2010:
Liv Bikini | Beauty: Bec Ronald

08 HiSummer 2011

SUMMER 2011:
Wonderland Bikini | Beauty: Jocelyn Savage

09_Bikini Rules

Hi SUMMER 2011:
Bikini Rules | Beauties: Catherine Clarke, Jocelyn Savage, Bec Ronald

10 Summer 2012

SUMMER 2012:
Off Shore Bikini | Beauty: Bec Ronald

12 HiSummer 12

SUMMER 2012:
Baja Bikini | Beauty: Zippy Seven

11 HiSummer 2012

SUMMER 2012:
Goddess Bikini | Beauty: Sara Ruba

12 Summer 2013

SUMMER 2013:
Woodstock Bikini | Beauty: Zippy Seven