• Home Sweet Philippines with Josie Prendergast

Home Sweet Philippines with Josie Prendergast

Home is most certainly where the heart is. Our girl Josie Prendergast proves just that on her journey back to the place where she was born – The Philippines.

While away, we casually wander-lusted over all her photos on Instagram, and had to know more. Here’s our Q&A with Josie, our likely guide to our search for water and waves on our next vacay to the Philippines.

Where is your family from in the Philippines?

my family is from a little island called 'Siargao'

What are 3 of your must-dos while in the Philippines?

Three things that are a must while being in the Philippines would be:

1. going to Tayangban. This place is a swimming hole on Siargao, the water is super blue and there's a cave next to it that you can explore which is pretty cool!

2. would be Sohoton Caves.SO BEAUTIFUL!

3. Mugpopunko Rock Pools. This is also located on Siargao Island. It is a set of rock pools and the water is such a beautiful blue. Best to go on low tide.

And what is an absolute MUST for a first-timer?

A definite MUST for a first timer, would definitely be going island hopping and meeting all the locals- especially the kids! They are all so cute!!!! Places to island hop include; Daku Island, Guyam Island, Naked Island.

Naked Island is so cool! It's a little island in the middle of the sea and there's nothing on it besides sand. So it's just all white.

What were your packing-essentials, and why?

My Meshin’ With You Triangle Top and Isla bottoms, Sol Searcher Ruffle Bikini Top, Byron Bay Skin Care Products and my Billabong sandals! + little jewels from celeste twikler.

You’ve been going to the Philippines your whole life. It’s your home away from home. What makes this island in Asia so unique?

Siargao is so special to me because I was born here. Visaya was my first language and I come back when ever I can. Words can't describe my love for the island and the people who live on the island. Everything about it is so beautiful. I think a big part for me that allows me to connect with the people strongly is that I can speak fluent Visaya so it's easier to understand everything and I've grown for it to be my other home.

It's also really special for me to come back and see my family and friends here. I love them so much. We have family from different part of the island/Philippines so it is my favourite thing to reconnect.

Where are the best secret surf spots? (describe the wave, the place, how you get there, anything interesting or that tells describes how you get there and what it’s like).

Pisangan is really cool! It's across from my house. You can either get a boat there on High tide or walk on low. Daku Island is pretty amazing too. It’s around a ten minute boat ride to get there but it's a special wave! And an even more of a special view.

2 things people wouldn’t know about the Philippines…

1. Philippines is made up of more than 7000 islands.