• How Billabong Is Celebrating International Surfing Day 2017

How Billabong Is Celebrating International Surfing Day 2017

Happy International Surfing Day! The day started by the coastal protectors at Surfrider Foundation is all about celebrating "the joy, excitement and pure stoke that the beach and surfing give." The holiday began as a way to celebrate the achievements of the Surfrider Foundation and the indelible mark they've made in protecting our beaches and oceans. Billabong is behind Surfrider's goals wholeheartedly and looks forward to ISD every year. We've asked a few of our employees and athletes how they'll be celebrating this year to give you a few ideas of what you can do this year!

"I'm going to wake up early, head to the beach with all of my gear and surf until my arms won't work anymore. Of course, I'll eat in between but that's about it!"

- Spencer Pirdy, Social Media Specialist

“First, I’ll go surfing, and then I’ll go digging for old vintage surf magazines at some local shops.”

- Dominic Brucia, Men’s Boardshorts Designer

“For International Surfing Day, I’m posting up at the beach all day with the family and the essentials - an umbrella, a cooler full of food & beers + a bunch of different boards. My son is almost one so we take him to beach every morning so get familiar with the surf & sand.”

- Luke Taaffe, Global Senior Print and Pattern Designer

“I plan on celebrating International Surfing Day by unleashing a sequence of frontside man-hacks and following it up with a backhand assault on all the waves, then I’m gonna get turnt at Mutt Lynch’s.”

- Juan Marante, Senior Graphic Designer

“I have a 14-month old and I want to take him surfing for the first time.”

- Sean Moody, Hawaii Sales Rep

“I want to break my record of surfing for 9 hours in one day.”

- Cannon Carr, Billabong Team Rider

“I’ll be down at the US Championships at Lowers but I’ll be sneaking out to Uppers to celebrate with 50 of my closest friends!”

- Micah Byrne, Billabong Team Manager

“I’ll be in the water early, on the sand through the day, and barbecuing into the evening.”

- Dan Rhoades, Global Art Director