• How to Take Care of Your Wetsuit

How to Take Care of Your Wetsuit

How To Take Care of A Wetsuit

Billabong wetsuits are designed for to maximize your performance in the water and extend your cold-water sessions so you can #SurfAllDay. With cutting edge technology that keeps you warmer and dryer, plus more comfortable, you'll want to make sure that you take good care of your wetsuit so you don't have to re-up every six months. We've got a few ideas below that will help extend the life of your wettie and keep you out in the water even on the coldest days.

1. Rinse your wetsuit with cold water

After your session, take a minute to rinse your wetsuit with cold water to remove the sand, salt and whatever else the ocean has to make sure your seams don't dry and crack.

2. It's okay to wash your wetsuit (by hand)

To extend the life and softness of the neoprene, it's okay to occasionally wash your wetsuit in cold water with a small amount of mild detergent, rinse then hang in the shade to dry.

3. Hang your wetsuit in the shade to dry it

It’s best to use a broad shoulder plastic hanger, like the one that probably came with your wetsuit. Don't use a thin metal hanger because it can damage the shoulders of the suit. Make sure the spot you choose to hang your wettie stays shady, drying it in the sun can lead to cracks and stiffening of the neoprene.

4. Dry it inside out

You've got it all washed, you've found the perfect shady spot and you're all set to dry your wetsuit. Don't blow it but hanging it up right side out, make sure you turn it inside out first to help to keep the flexibility of your wetsuit and, more importantly, avoid your wetsuit starting to stink (everyone who rides in your car will thank you).

5. Don't put it in the washing machine

It probably seems obvious (we hope) but don't put your new wetsuit in the washing machine. If you want to wash your wetsuit, see rule number two on this list. We hope it goes without saying but seriously, don't put your wetsuit in the dryer either.

6. Wax will get on your wetsuit and that's okay

Wax may get on your suit from regular wear and that's cool, it won’t effect the life or performance of your wetsuit. If you must, you can remove it from either warm water and mild detergent or ice, to harden the wax and then pick it off. It's probably not worth your time though.

7. Store your wetsuit properly

The final step to extending the lifespan of your brand new wetsuit is to make sure it's stored properly. Take a minute to fold it up to make sure you're not putting any unnecessary stress on the seams or neoprene. Need help folding your wetsuit? See our guide below -

That's all for now but remember, if you take care of your wetsuit, it will take care of you. If it's time for a new one, click here to shop our new wetsuits.

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