Our girls aren't just a bunch of beautiful surfer babes! They have huge hearts and even more, they take action when they want to see change. Two of our Billabong surfers, Emi Koch & Lauren Hill have joined a group of women including India's first female surfer in documenting how surfing, yoga, and ecological creativity are bringing hope and fueling change for the people of India. This short clip will make you want to jump on a plane to India tomorrow...

If you can't get away to India at the moment, you can still help! Beyond the Surface International has teamed up with Indiegogo to raise funds needed to film this documentary. With your donations and the help of award winning cinematographer, Dave Homcy, they have what it takes to make this documentary go viral, spreading awareness and empowering those without voices.

Please join Billabong in supporting them in their journey--even something as simple as sharing their video on your facebook page can make a major impact!

You can find out more about the project and DONATE HERE.

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Holy Cow - Beyond the SurfaceShaka - Beyond the SurfaceBoys on Bicycle - Beyond the SurfaceEmi Koch - Beyond the Surface

Emi Koch, Billabong surfer and founder of Beyond the SurfaceHeart Van - Beyond the SurfaceFuture Surfer Girls - Beyond the SurfaceSeashells - Beyond the SurfaceIndia Car - Beyond the SurfaceLauren Hill - Beyond the Surface

Lauren Hill, Billabong surfer & Beyond the Surface Activist Snake Charmer - Beyond the Surface


"Beyond The Surface" A Documentary Film Project from Dave Homcy on Vimeo.