• Jack Freestone's 10 J-Bay Travel Essentials

Jack Freestone's 10 J-Bay Travel Essentials

Like most of the World Tour (and a ton of QS grinders) Jack Freestone’s in South Africa at the moment, most likely mid-arc on some Supertubes leg-burner. Of course he came with a brilliant quiver of new DHDs — including the one he made it to the final on in Brazil — but what else does a guy like Jack bring to the bottom of the Dark Continent? Great White repellent? Fresh binocs for the roaming wildlife? Mmm, nothing that drastic; Jack’s a practical man, believe it or not. We caught up with him on location in Africa, though and Jack told us himself:

1. Laptop: I use the thing mostly out of boredom, but all my favorite TV shows, movies, creative stuff — it’s all in there. Helps for swell forecasting too, of course.

2. Headphones: Gotta have a good pair of headphones. There’s just so much time in transit on all the planes, the vans, boats, airports, comp tents…they’re crucial. And I just love listening to music.

3. Billabong Transport Jacket: You always gotta have a good spray jacket with ya. It’s like a mandatory thing on any trip and especially in Africa where the weather can change so quickly. It’s waterproof and cool-looking at the same time.

Billabong Men's Transport Jacket

4. Muscle Roller: I’ve started to bring a roller everywhere precisely because you spend so much time in transit and your muscles get tightened and sore from being stationary. They’re pretty light too, and super packable.

5. Wetsuit(s): Every time I’m on the Africa-leg I bring a 3/2 and 4/3 Revolution wetty depending on the water temp. To me, the Revolution series are kind of more cooler-looking compared to performance, but I kind of love that about them because they’re not too warm to where I’m overheating in a CT-heat. Shop All Wetsuits

6. iPhone: Clearly I gotta have this with me. Connects me to everyone and everything, really. It’s a part of me [laughs] and pretty much helps me stay in touch with the world.

7. Hard Drive: Another small device to combat boredom. Has all my movies and shows and footage on it. I’ve been on to Game of Thrones, How I Met Your Mother and of course Family Guy. With Family Guy, you can just drop in at any season, which I love, and you just laugh yourself to death.

8. Stacey: Like my phone, Stace (my coach and best mate) is mandatory. [Stacey also helped Jack to qualify for the CT last year]

9. Command Backpack: Yeah this pack is sick. It basically doubles up as two bags in one which is key in Africa. A strong bag is pretty key in a wild place like Africa too.

Billabong Command Backpack

10. Coffee: I may not always bring it with me, but I definitely always have it around. I just have to. Especially on cold South African mornings where we’re up before first-light ALL the time.