• Jamie's TTR road to domination

Jamie dominated the 2010/11 TTR tour season picking up victories all over the globe. The 20-year-old's odds for a TTR title seemed especially favorable after a total of 5 first place slopestyle wins including the Burton New Zealand, European and Canadian Opens, O'Neill Evolution and the Oakley Arctic Challenge. Jamie Anderson goes for near perfection this winter, locking down the Swatch TTR World Tour Championship title during the Burton US Open qualifiers this week. Jamie's is the first woman to win two TTR Championship titles. She's also won back-to-back Dew Tour Overall Championships.

Jamie Anderson Takes Second TTR World Snowboard Tour Title from ttrworldtour on Vimeo.

"I am ecstatic about winning my 2nd TTR world title! It was a goal of mine for this winter, and I worked really hard, and went to a LOT of events throughout the year, so to take home the title at the end of the season feels absolutely great!" says Jamie.

Jamie has flair for slopestyle, appreciated by media, respected by her fellow competitors and rewarded by judges. Her approach is often described as versatile and complex; her style is effortlessly smooth regardless of the course difficulty.

While the list of accolades from her decade on the contest circuit focus on her slopestyle prowess, the South Lake Tahoe, California native, brings her natural talent and down-to-earth attitude to all terrains. As seen in her series of webisodes, Jamie Anderson Visuals, documenting her life and travels throughout this season.

Jamie Anderson results 2010/11:
1st at the 6Star O'Neill Evolution, Slopestyle
1st at the 6Star Burton New Zealand Open, Slopestyle
1st at the 6Star The Oakley Arctic Challenge, Slopestyle
1st at the 6Star Burton Canadian Open, Slopestyle
1st at the 6Star Burton European Open, Slopestyle
2nd at the 6Star Burton US Open, Slopestyle
12th at the 6Star Burton European Open, Halfpipe
11th at the 6Star O'Neill Evolution, Halfpipe