• Jargon from our very own Kiwi

In the spirit of the latest announcement from Billabong, here's a bit of Kiwi flavor from New Zealand local Paige Hareb.

Kiwi slang words....

1. Kia ora Bro/ Hey Bro

2. It's good ae! (I'm not sure if you can call it a word, but we like to use the word "ae" instead of "isn't it")

3. Jandals (We have good Kiwi ingenuity and apparently us Kiwi's invented the "jandals"!) Make fun and call them what you like: Slippers (we wear those in winter). Thongs (We wear what's left of those on our bum), or heal slappers (that sounds like an ozzy would say that! Please don't get us confused!)

4. I just like to say they we are the only ones that say "fish and chips" right! :)

And a little fact for you all, Aotearoa is the native Maori language for New Zealand and means "land of the long white cloud". We do get sunshine too! :)