• Lazy Daze in Laguna with Olivia Brower

Lazy Daze in Laguna with Olivia Brower

Where summer days meet lazy daze, you’ll find us somewhere on the beach, with no agenda in sight enjoying warm waves with friends, midnight swims and breathing in the air of what feels like new places, but is more like our home away from home – welcome to South Laguna Beach with Olivia Brower in tow.

Waking up is hard to do, but when the glitter of sunlight beams through our corner view window, with the crashing of waves and a glimmer of blue in a nearby distance, all we need is a cold coffee brew and we’re ready for the day.

We stroll out on the ocean view veranda of our 1920s seaside enclave of the historic Casa Laguna Hotel & Spa and peer our over the blue-striped umbrellas, Catalina laden tiles, and mission-inspired architecture that consumes us completely with admiration for this quaint retreat. Once a hotel, then a 1970s artists’ retreat and then reimagined again as the little Laguna gem it truly is.

Let’s just say if these concrete walls could talk, we would listen and take notes. As we take it all in and explore the ground we make our way downstairs a little breaky, then across PCH for more exploring of our favorite beaches: Victoria Beach, Lover’s Cove, and Three Arch Bay.

After some beach bound exploring, we tuck ourselves away for a light lunch affair on Monzambique’s picturesque rooftop and are quickly reenergized for a stroll along Laguna’s art galleries and shops. After acai bowls, and a quick dip in the ocean, we’re back at our humble abode gearing up for a little happy hour at our Billabong Bungalow. Dressed and ready to enjoy the seaside fare at The Deck, we’re perfectly content watching the waves roll in, and enjoying those extra hours of sunlight before hitting the beach one last time, then waking up and doing it all again.

H&M Carly Campbell

photography Luis Herrera