• A Weekend in Mammoth with Lindsay Perry

A Weekend in Mammoth with Lindsay Perry

If you ever get the chance to visit Mammoth Lakes, CA, I’d definitely take the opportunity. This little mountain town serves for outdoor activities in both summer and winter… My boyfriend, Shayne has a place up here, so I decided to come up for my second season and do some snowboarding. We got in a few days before opening weekend, I played a show, then we got straight to riding. Our routine is pretty basic... Wake up, have coffee, ride, eat lunch, hang out and then do dinner. I’ve tried just about every place here in town. So these are some spots I consider noteworthy.


-Lindsay Perry

Coffee: Stellar Brew // I love this spot for my home away from home coffee shop. Super rad crew, amazing drinks and food. Cool place to kick it after riding.

Brunch: Good Life Cafe // Amazing Sunday brunch. Love the Mimosas and the Southwest Scramble!

Dinner: Rafters Restaurant // This is a great place for a romantic date night. Super beautiful bar/lounge. Try the Warm Goat Cheese Salad.

Sweet Treats: Mimis Cookie Bar // The greatest confectionary delight I’ve ever had. The hot chocolate is my favorite as well as anything in the pastry case. All natural, eco friendly, organic ingredients made right in the shop.

Outdoors: Mammoth Mountain is always a blast for riding or hanging at the lodge. See Kristen Schikpe, she’ll take care of you.

Romantic: Any one of the hot springs are always enjoyable and easy to get to, for the most part. Ask around, people are always helpful here!

Nightlife: Underground Lounge is right in the Village (center of town) There is a great Sushi Spot next door called Sushi Rei.

Shopping: Wave Rave is great for rentals or buying any winter gear you may need! Ask for Forrest or Frank.