• Medallion Moments

Life is a dance. It’s a verdant song that rises overhead like a wave, suspending me between moment and movement. I cross step my board, sway in time with the wind, pound my feet to the relentless rhythm of the drum. My dance is boundless, a magical arrangement set to a beat only I can hear.

I am in motion and at peace at the same time. The pace of the melody flows in tandem with the waves, the ebb and flow of the tide building into a quick crescendo and a fast drop that reverberates across the water. Adorned in a costume of salt and sand, I throw my hands into the night sky and surrender my body to the song of the sea.

My dance is that of a gypsy heart. My spirit lives in the water and loves by the moon. My life is lived fast and remembered in slow motion. I am unrehearsed, but there is beauty in the imperfection. This moment is my song. Watch me dance.

Featuring: Jessica Williams, Nellie Anderson

Filmer: Morgan Maassen

Artist: Tops /Song: Outside /Album: Picture You Staring