• Monday Mood: COOL

Monday Mood: COOL

Monday Mood: C O O L

Hey there Babes, happy Monday. Monday Mood is here as always to wash away those classic Monday blues and to instead ignite Monday with rays of positivity. As you sip that coffee and sit in some good-ol traffic take a minute to let Monday be better than it has been. Let’s not give it a bad wrap but a run for it’s money to be a bit brighter. Let the weekend fun bleed into the week, and not just the headache from Halloween parties past, but the freedom felt from days away from your desk. So as we always say, we are in Monday together, with our sunglasses on, our spilt coffee in our car, but with a better mood then those same old-lets hate today-B L U E S

This weeks Monday mood is C O O L:

We are entering into fall and everything is beginning, at least here in Southern California, to feel a bit cool. The leaves (we hear) are changing and the temps seem to be dropping just as quickly as the sun these days. To be ‘COOL’ though is a bit different then just the change of season. Just to C L A R I F Y, we aren’t talking about being cool as in a, who’s top dog in the hallway, sort of way. Rather, what it means to have a cool mood, to keep your cool when the rest of Monday says to let it all go. While the temps are cooling and winter is approaching, for many this means deadlines and finals are too. That those Holidays that no matter how early you begin to shop for, creep up and you still find yourself out the night before looking for more wrapping paper. In this kind of season keeping your cool takes on some serious practice and patience. For some reason Monday seems to be the hardest day to keep your cool. And we get it. The weekends are what ‘we should live for’. I guess though we would beg to differ. Everyday should be worth living for, and instead of heading full speed into Monday with tons of heat, we are trying to cool it down. Mondays will always be stressful, it's when we make our to-do list, or even better the to-don’t list of things we can’t attend due to what is on our plate. It is the first day back in the ‘real world’. Monday is the home from vaction, and goodbye from fun. But why do we except these simple phrases that instill in us for Monday to always be the W O R S T. Deadlines, finals, work days, and responsibility will and should happen regardless. So, we might as well remember it is in the moments that we should be ‘freaking out’ but don’t, that we make the biggest difference in our work place, our schools, or apartments.


So here’s our D A R E for you and your M O N D A Y, let it be COOL. Let it surprise those around you, let it keep your heart rate down and your happiness levels up. Show Monday how to roll with the punches, and let the relaxation vibes of a Saturday morning at home not be so far from your desk at school.

Mondays can be C R A Z Y enough but let's do our best to make them C O O L.

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