• Monday Mood: Curious

Monday Mood: Curious

Monday Mood: Curious

Hey Girls + Guys, It's Monday Mood! Here again this week to change those typical Monday feels and turn our mood into something new. Each week we want to continue highlighting a 'Monday Mood' that has been inspired by the weekend, things we learned on trips away, or of feelings we get as we dream of the future. Embrace a positive spin on Monday but know that you're not in it alone. We are here with you, every Monday, sipping our coffee as well. But together, we are hoping to choose a greater mood then those same-old classic blues.

This weeks Monday Mood is: CURIOUS

Curiosity always leads to places that you have not before seen. The saying may be 'curiosity killed the cat' but if it is going to kill anything for us it's the 'mundane'. Last week that mood of curiosity lead us to travel north, to visit a new place and discover O r e g o n. We found that Oregon is a magical place. Most of our time was spent in Portland, drinking phenomenal coffee, window shopping local retailers with aesthetically pleasing spaces, and viewing all the green trees that line each street so beautifully. From mornings spent reading at the the famous Powells Book Store and sippin' Stumptown Coffee to afternoons driving out to beautiful waterfalls or to the Oregon coast, this place proved it had it all. Oregon is a breathe of fresh air and offers both a fun and energetic city life that moves to the rhythm of it's own beat as well as peaceful woods filled with pines that seem to last forever.

Oregon inspired the mood of Curiosity, the type of curiosity that lead us around corners and walking into new places. The type that moves Monday from being boring and mundane to new and exciting. Maybe the step into making Monday better is making Monday new in and of itself. Walking around work during lunch and seeing what is around or checking out a new place for dinner. Being curious in your own town will always lead to fun and brighten up any day especially Monday.

Get out and see where being C U R I O U S takes you.

Scroll through the photos below to follow our journey up in the PNW.