• Monday Mood: Raw

Monday Mood: Raw


Monday mood, as always, is here to bring fresh perspective and a new view. To take what we carry so dear, our time adventuring and being free, and letting those feelings carry us into Monday. To drink our coffee and lift our mugs and say, 'We can do it, we did it, and we are still doing it.' The hope here is to find our strength and our common ground. And with that step into Monday bolder than ever. Be better than the blues + be inspired babes.

This weeks Monday Mood is R A W.

In a time where editing and texting exist, we have so many opportunities to hold back. To change how we look, feel and then respond. But there is a bravery that comes with being raw with one another and with yourself that is unlike anything else. It's the type of mood that carries you from being average to excellent. It allows you to push boundaries and do your best because you are okay with the rawness you will need to show as you get there.

Film to us is such a raw and beautiful medium in which moments are captured. Unlike our smart phones though, this image comes out with its own rawness and imperfections. It shows that marks and scars and grains of light entering in, or faults in how the camera captures images through it's lens imperfectly. But film is beautiful in this way. It brings you back to the very simple and real moments from the event or time in which the snapshot was taken.

It is not trying to be anything else, or to be better or worse than the actual moment. It just is.

I think the biggest pain in Monday may be our fear of being raw. This leads to rushing, aggravation, stress and an attitude not set for engaging. Fearing rawness leads to more and more walls to be put up and stress to be oozed out as we try to set ourselves up perfectly for Monday.

Head into Monday instead knowing it isn't the weekend, and its not the free day but that the beauty in our imperfections and the day not going as planned is as exciting and enticing as a photo shot on film. Film that is sun kissed by the weekend and carries memories of beautiful days passed, as do we when we walk into class or to our 9-5 work space. So we leave you with this

be RAW...

and continue to develop, with all your sun kissed imperfections celebrated.

Below are photos that inspired this Monday mood. They were taken at our Pop Up Shop and Release party in LA for the Andy Warhol Foundation X Billabong Collection V.II.

All photos were shot on a Pentax K1000, enjoy the imperfections.


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