• Monday Mood: Rejuvenated

Monday Mood: Rejuvenated


First, let's recap the vision of Monday Mood, our new weekly series! This is a space to give your Monday just as much of a pick-me-up as the cappuccino you barely got in time before running into class or the office. Sometimes all we need is to look at an inspirational quote, receive an encouraging text, or just a 'You can freaking do this' mantra running through our heads to wake up Monday and allow us to shoot for the stars.

We want M O N D A Y M O O D to be T H A T. To be that mantra, text, quote and reminder all at once.

So raise your coffee cups (or tea) and don’t settle for the blues, but paint the world with your spirit being brighter than the rest this monday. We are in it together so let’s cheer one another up.

This weeks Monday Mood is: Rejuvenated

Over this last weekend we featured Josie and her trip home, and it really inspired us not only with the beautiful views and the warmth in her heart as she described home but the rejuvenation she had from spending time back home. There is a special way of rejuvenation you get from settling yourself in a place that let’s peace surround you, the way home does. The best thing that comes from a day off, or going home, or traveling somewhere new is that you become

R E J U V E N A T E D.

So often we think this mood is one that is fleeting, that the second you head back into routine, the feeling of being rejuvenated goes away and you're just back to ‘Real Life’. But we would beg to differ on this one. The word rejuvenated is defined as, “to make young again, to renew the activity, to impress again the characters of youthfulness.

To be rejuvenated is to be brought back, back to your youth. Back to the days of running around until the street light turn on, the days of surfing till the sun has long past and you end up falling asleep in the car with your suit on. To be brought back to the days where new tasks are no longer daunting but exciting and a time to prove your abilities.

Let’s bring that guaranteed rejuvenation from the weekend into monday. Take on your checklist like it is your first homework assignment from when you were young. Write out your to-do list for the week with the mindset that it will be done, and with that fresh and youthful spirit, you will know you are capable.

Check out the photos below to catch a glimpse of all the avenues we have rejuvenated ourselves over the weekend. We found our youth this weekend in many ways from cruising the coast, to sippin coffee and catching up on beautiful reads. Josie chased rejuvenation at home by catching waves in the Philippines and hanging out under the palms.

What did you do? Let us know by showing us what rejuvenated you this weekend by tagging your photo with #billlabongmm