• Monday Mood: Swell

Monday Mood: Swell

Monday Mood: SWELL

Hey friends, we are back with the weekly series of MONDAY MOOD. Again, just for a refresher this is to simply to not let all of us settle for the blues that can be usually sulked in on Monday morning as your roll out of bed but to inside, override that with positivity and fresh perspective. Know that you aren’t in Monday alone though, we are with you in the traffic, fuss, and the rush. So as always, raise your mug, throw on your sunnies and hit the road to work or class, and add a smile to the mix. There is enough time to be down on the things happening in life, but Monday doesn’t have to be one of them.

This weeks Monday mood is SWELL.

For some, you may have just started to check the surf report to see what is coming in on the forecast for waves, and for others a slow morning drinking coffee may be what sounds ‘swell’. Both though are reason enough to feel a bit more at ease this Monday morning. When we think of the emotions of being swell it brings to mind overall the position of contentment. Feeling swell seems to accompany having life being at ease and simply be stoked on another day.

Swell in the water goes hand in hand with feeling stoked. When swell comes it allows for the best conditions to do what you love, to get in the water and enjoy the waves. Swell also can push your limits and you must chase swell to become a better surfer. Chasing a swell attitude can push you to be better in many ways. So much of the stress that comes with Monday can happen from dwelling on things that are not a priority to begin with. Once you are able to simplify and be stoked on the simple act of waking up and taking on another day to chase the sun and your dreams Monday becomes a chance to see beauty in the little things. Sometimes it is also good to remember though that things being ‘swell’ may mean they aren’t A M A Z I N G, but that they are good. And sometimes the consistency of good things will bring a lot more joy in your days. Don’t get us wrong, reach for the stars, but remember that as you’re reaching for the stars there are delicate flowers around you, and surf in the water, and beautiful faces on the beach that will bring a smile to your face as much as the stars above.

So in closing we hope you first and foremost chase the swell, push your self and take on Monday like a champ. But we also hope that life is S W E L L, that at some point in your morning you can look around and take a deep breathe and that be enough to remind you Monday isn’t so blue, but actually C O L O R E D with endless B E A U T Y.

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