• Panama IWC

"The creatures we came here to stand in solidarity for carry and communicate a gentleness that permeates our entire universe. The majority of cetaceans do not have predators, except humans of course. They have gone beyond fear and simply float and flow with love. In this day and age we, as humans, have given some of the oldest and wisest animals a reason to fear.

I swam with the largest minds and hearts on earth, blue whales, and could not speak for days. I felt as though I no longer had bones and gravity was gone. All was light and gentle. Following this happening an elder waterman spoke, "We are forever indebted to them for they gave us pure presence and now we must protect and serve cetaceans in all ways.

Now we are here. Hands in paint, names and words on paper. All action with clear purpose. Folks gather around the once blank canvas. Chris Del Moro and Howie Cook have transformed the fabric into another masterpiece that calls for a South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary. Paints are offered to all who wish to put their hand print down in support. Many Panamanians stop, inquire with wide eyes and enthusiasm. This is our first day in the streets of Panama, it feels as though a difference has been made and so much more will be strived for." -Chadd Konig










Here is a link to the "Universal Declaration of Marine Mammal Rights." These ten rights seem simple and that they are still not followed is a true shame. There is a way to bring this matter to the masses, because I believe most of our human population will stand strong next to this declaration. There is a only a small number of folks reaping benefits and profiteering from the killing/capturing of cetaceans, and those people must be exposed, stopped and silenced."

Here is an article in the July Issue of Reader's Digest Magazine that discusses the high levels of consciousness in whales.

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