• Photo Diary: Guana Cay

Photo Diary: Guana Cay

For our summer lookbook, we headed to Bakers Bay in Guana Cay. All the usual suspects were there: Zippora Seven, Zoey Grossman, Conor Graham & Stacey Tan. But we also got to invite one of our athletes, Lindsay Perry! She tested out a few of the new suits, played a few songs on her guitar when we needed to chill out and took tons of behind the scenes pics of our talented team in action. Scroll through our Bahamas photo diary...

Billabong behind the scenes 1

Tree ornaments

laying on the sand


Lindsay got artsy with some of her favorite images. See the full thing here.

black and white sailboat

blue sky and palm trees

Bikini butt

Bahamas by Lindsay pink bikini

Lindsay with photog Morgan Maassen.

Bahamas by Lindsay Sunset

Solo Sail boat

Kalik Beer

Beer Underwater

Sneaking underwater for a little beer break!

Starry night

Billabong behind the scenes 17

Bahamas by Lindsay sunglasses

Lindsay Makeup


House Stoop


Bikini bottoms

Bakers bay dr

3 story house

Our beautiful hotel in Bakers Bay.

Photo shoot

beach photo shoot

The talented Zoey Grossman in action.

Fence solo boat

Bahamas by Lindsay 25

candid iphone shot

travel bag

beach photo shoot 2

Lindsay Makeup 2

Stacey Tan working her magic on these super early photo shoot days.

Wine and Dine

Lindsay and Chef

Sunset shot 2

pink squares

Group shot 1

group shot 2

The crew browned to perfection after 5 days of shooting.

close up shot

Billabong behind the scenes 16


white Jeep

birthday cake

Celebrating our art director, Danielle's bday!

Bike ride

Billabong behind the scenes logo

The End.

Photos by: Morgan Maassen, Lindsay Perry, Zoey Grossman, Danielle Petach.