In South Africa for the 4th time in his career is one of surfing's one to watch, Granger Larson. Granger is traveling with his boys focused on the comp and gearing up to surf. A few q's for the young Hawaiian surf phenom.

How have you been liking South Africa this trip?
I love coming to South Africa this is my 4th time here; it's one of my favorite places to come to. I am traveling with my Maui boys, Kai Barger and Ola Eleogram.

Maui boys

Have you been all surf/comp focused or have you had a chance to see a bit of Durban? How was the wave house? Yeah I had a chance to go to the Wave house and it is so fun. It is at this mall and I could probably stay at the mall for like a week haha but I am all focused for the comps to ofcourse I just want to have fun while I do these comps.

wave house


JBAY, waves are looking good – are you amped for the comp to get started?
Yeah the waves are pumping here! It is a surf trip in it self just coming here for the contest. I am excited for this comp!!

Granger Larson