• El Salvador: Ride4Water x Billabong

El Salvador: Ride4Water x Billabong


This past week and a half, one of our own, Megan Haynes, from the Home Offices here in Irvine had the opportunity to partner with Ride4Water (@ride4water) a non-profit started in San Diego, California and thirty surfers for a trip of a lifetime. A trip full of great waves and beautiful warm water, but with a greater mission, to bring water filters to the people in the community. It is estimated that 1 billion people in the world do not have access to clean water.

But W A T E R is L I F E

The sights in El Salvador are breathtaking and life changing, but the reality of these communities is that the water can be full of bacteria and lead to water borne illnesses. This is why they go. By partnering with Filters of Hope this year, they were able to bring 100 filters to different families along the coast, to five schools, and even to those who live on islands off the coast of El Salvador. Along with water filters the team was able to donate 8 surfboards, shaped by Raynorsurf (@Raynorsurf) to leaders in the surf community in La Libertad, leashes, stickers, Billabong apparel, Element skateboards, stomp pads, endless tropical wax, sandals, and snapbacks. Since this was the organization’s third trip back, the friends they have made in this small beach town over the years are friends that have become family.

They were bonded by a love for


Ride4Water has used the activities of surfing and biking to raise money throughout the year in the United States to fund water projects in El Salvador, and other parts of the world, to bring hope and clean water. In El Salvador, the team was able to use their love for surfing to travel up and down the coast meeting surfers at all different breaks, delivering filters to schools and families, putting on school assemblies, and of course catching endless party waves. They surfed many breaks, from El Zonte, to El Sunzal, to Barra de Santiago, to their home surf spot for the week in Palmarcito. Coconut’s were the fix to a post surf thirst, and traditional pupusas were the lunch special. Each day started with watching a beautiful sunrise over the sea with coffee brewing in the kitchen and ended by catching waves with their local friends in the lineup, beneath beautiful colors that were painted in the sky.

“S U R F I N G is a U N I V E R S A L passion and lifestyle

that can bind us all. And the simple smile from a local as your paddling out

proved friendship is not divided by culture or language

but rather sown deeper in the depths of the S E A.”- Megan Haynes

We are excited that Megan was able to bring down Billabong girls product to give to the local girls in El Salvador. Girls that are strong, lovers of the ocean, and full of joy. It was a beautiful trip and we are stoked to see how organizations are using the same lifestyle we live here to better communities across the globe.

Take a trip through El Salvador below and enjoy the views.

Photos taken by Tom Williams @tdubz808, Corrinne Pickle @corrinnebailee, Blake Wurtzler @blvkey, Morgan Wurtzler @momo_wurtz, and Anneka Schweizer @annekaschweizer.