• Risky Ripples - Episode 2

Matt Bromley is a freak of nature. He relentlessly chases the biggest, craziest swells to the far reaches of the globe, and consistently is a standout no matter where he is. In episode 2 of Risky Ripples Matt travels to one of Indo's heaviest waves, Nias, and scores. Here's Matt's take on the trip:

"Andrew Kaineder and I chased a chased a red blob over to Nias for the biggest Indo swell of the year. We were on the hunt for the mysto bombie which came to life during the 2004 Boxing Day earth quake. We left the slipway on a tiny dug out fishing boat with two local boys, and ventured over to the rarely surfed outer reef. We rocked up to the wave and it was one of those moments you dream of. Perfect, big blue 12 ft barrels with not one single person around. I had some really scary wipeouts and a couple nuggets in between. The wall of reef which sticks out in front of the wave is always in the back of your mind, which makes everything more intense out there."

"We drove back to Lagundri and it was absolutely pumping with 10 ft double-up death pits marching into the bay. The water was churned up and the barrels were dark and evil looking. There was only a few takers and the session was more about survival than anything else. The bottom of the wave was dropping away and all the bru's were air dropping below sea level."

"The next morning was 6-8ft perfection and this finished off the dream trip for Risky Ripples, Episode 2."

Directed by Andrew Kaineder.