• Round One of Billabong Pro Junior Series Stop Two

Round One of Billabong Pro Junior Series Stop Two Completed in Afternoon Session at Kuta Reef

After the initial morning call to delay the start of the second stop of the Billabong Pro Junior Series at Kuta Reef, Contest Director Wayan 'Kopling' Wirtama called the first round into action at 1:45 pm on July 10 as the tide had filled in and contestable 2-3 waves were hitting the reef in the still blasting offshore tradewinds.  

“The conditions have improved a lot since this morning, and although not ideal, there are enough waves coming through to run at least Round One today,” said Wirtama.
The 32 Round One Pro Juniors had their work cut out for them to find high scoring wave opportunities, but there were few lulls in the action and combinations of lip hacks and floaters on the better formed waves could put enough points on the board to grab a place in Round Two’s heat draw.

Showing excellent form in the challenging conditions were Oz surfers Brendon Gibbons and Billy Kean, joining Dylan Amar (Kuta, Bali) as easy winners of their first round match ups. Dylan Amar from Kuta on his backhand scored one of the only 8 point waves posted during the round by racing down the line and then giving the sawtooth lipped 3 footer a few good smacks before floating over a couple sections and finishing with a 360 hop-into-tailslide to finish.
“I was stoked to get one of the good waves out there in my heat.  The one before was ok, and I knew if I got another chance I needed to really do something so I could get a better score.  It’s not easy to win against these guys, so I’m really happy with my result today,” said Amar.

Staff and officials woke to an expected small swell this morning and a lay day was called in the hope of a slight bump in size tomorrow and improved conditions. Round Two should commence tomorrow and will see some great matchups between the local Indonesian Pro Juniors and their Aussie guests, including Ketut “Mega” Semadhi (Bukit, Bali) taking on Australian Billy Kean and Putra Hermawan (Lembongan) up against Sam Wrench (Ulla Dulla, Aus).