• Seismic Testing Threatens California


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I have been reading heaps of frightening information about the proposed Seismic Testing along the Central California Coast. As of late August 2012 Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) have proposed extremely destructive actions. I just finished paddling the same 90 miles of coastline that is threatened by this proposed Sesmic Testing. I experienced and enjoyed the water, animals and beaches and believe they must be entirely protected against acts such as these.


"Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) is seeking permits to engage in Seismic Testing off the Central California Coast. According to a PG&E representative the proposal calls for a 240 foot ship to tow a quarter mile wide array of twenty 250 decibel air cannons along a 90 mile stretch of California's Central Coast. The cannons will shoot deafening underwater explosions once every 20 seconds day and night for 42 days. Nothing of this scope and power has ever been done in California waters. In other regions where this sort of testing has been done, large numbers of dead marine animals wash ashore for weeks during and after testing, blood dripping from areas such as their eyes, nose, ears or mouth- a sign they have suffered catastrophic internal hemorrhaging. The seismic testing will kill great blue whales, grey whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals, sea lions, otters, fishes and many more...A 240 dB blast is reportedly equivalent to being one foot away from the mouth of a large canyon."


I am extremely saddened by the thought of this happening.

This testing could happen as soon as November 2012! I am currently putting together an online petition and information page with the intention of stopping all proposed Seismic Testing along the Central California Coast. (Visit Sea Shepherd link below for more information)

Next week Branden Aroyan, with the support of Billabong and Clifbar, will be releasing the first video segment about the paddle along California's Central Coast. In addition to Hydraulic Fracking issue, we are incorporating and including information on the Seismic Testing Proposal due to the immediate need for awareness and action.

Seismic Testing

Once the video and petition are online your help in spreading the good word would be appreciated by our oceans and all those who call it home.

There are Open Hearings on:

-September 24th in Sacramento, California

-October 10 in Oceanside, California

I am organizing transportation/caravan with hopes of getting as many folks as possible to these meetings. It would be of great benefit if you, your friends or family had the time to join.

Every one matters...

Sign the petition on Surfrider Foundation's website

Read more on the issue on Surfrider Foundation's website

Read more information from SEA SHEPHERD:

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