• Seth Moniz's 5 Favorite Boardshorts

Seth Moniz's 5 Favorite Boardshorts

Sure, the North Shore of Oahu gets all the limelight and fanfare every year, basically pumping from October through April...but did you know that the island’s southern shores held gems in the summer? And like TONS of gems? Indeed Ala Moana, Waikiki, Diamond Head and outer reefs-east have a different break every five minutes paddle. And South Shore’s Seth Moniz know each patch of reef well. Here’s what boardies will have him covered this entire summer (on the rare days he’s at home between QS events).

1. Tribong X Airlite

"These boardies just have the perfect stretch and length to surf in ALL day and not get any rash. I swear, it’s amazing. My 8-hour long favorites."

Tribong X Airlite Boardshorts

2. 73 X

"I can wear these boardshorts in and out of the water. A simple style and perfect length to use all day, even when you’re not surfing."

73 X Boardshorts

3. Fifty 50 LT

"Often, I like to substitute walkshorts with these boardshorts. They are also perfectly comfortable to cruise in all day and you wouldn’t even notice that these were actually made to surf in."

Fifty50 LT Boardshorts

4. 73 Lo Tides Line Up

"I dunno what it is about these, but I just really like the style on these ones. They work performance-wise too, of course, but more so I just like the way they look."

73 LT Line Up Boardshorts

5. All Day X

"These All Day boardies are the perfect boardshorts to workout in. Great pair of cross-training shorts that can handle the elements."

All Day X Boardshorts