• Seth Moniz Wins Prestigious Sunset Beach Pro Junior

Seth Moniz Wins Prestigious Sunset Beach Pro Junior

Billabong Team Rider takes his second North Shore win of the year.

As the largest set of the junior men’s final rolled through, Billabong team rider Seth Moniz’s fellow competitors scrambled out of harm’s way. But the youngest Moniz stuck to his lineup spot, took a few on the head, then whipped it on the final wave of the set. He set up a cheeky pocket-tube ride from takeoff, then wrapped a few solid rail turns on the foamy face for an excellent score. This pushed him past stylish Aussie Soli Bailey for his second Pro Junior win on the North Shore…his first being at Pipeline last March.

“This is definitely the biggest waves we've had for a junior event, so I'm really happy to win under these conditions,” said Moniz. "I'm in my last year of school, so it might be a few years before I qualify for the world tour, but that's what I'm working towards." - Surfline

A big congrats to Seth for winning, and we hope to see more from the whole Moniz clan as the North Shore wraps up!