• Soli Bailey's Second Episode Launches and His Name Grows (but not his ego)

Young Australian ripper Soli Bailey recently teamed up with good buddy and film dude Kaius Potter to work on a new web series. Their goal was simple: create a new type of web series, something more polished and something with a purpose. They didn't want to be funny. They didn't want to create scenes. They wanted to show the modern day surfer for exactly what he is: someone working to differ himself from his peers and live a life full of meaningful experiences, all while surfing as much as possible.

So Ansgt was born. 

They are now into Episode 2 which is already live on TransworldSurf, Stab and 18Seconds. In fact, they are doing so well with the effort that 18Seconds went full steam ahead and wrote a whole piece on the young ripper that you can read here.

For now, enjoy the clip and steady yourself for the next.